Howdy Cats! My name is Steve Wiest and I am the director of the One O’Clock Lab Band. The Blog Shed was created to help me reach as many people as possible to spread the word about the amazing program here at UNT, and to get the word out about The One O’Clock Lab Band. To learn more about what’s up with all things One O’Clock, visit our One O’Clock Website or the main Division of Jazz Studies  site and/or download our FREE One O’Clock App (for both Apple and Android platforms!).

If you’d like to send me a direct e-mail, just type this address in your e-mail thang: …or comment on this blog. I’d love to talk with you about UNT, jazz, the music biz, etc.

Let’s stay in touch!


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  1. yourbrassinstructor says:

    Yes, You do have a very amazing program at UNT!
    My trumpet instructor back in 1984 got me on the right path while I was studying at Austin Peay State University. His name? Richard Steffen! He played lead in the 1o’clock, then assisted directing it while getting his masters.

    Please take a look at my youtube channel which actually has a video of Mr. Steffen performing as solo trumpet and me, Kurt Thompson, on lead trumpet!

    My site: is dedicated to helping advanced and pro trumpet players with the physical aspect and challenge of trumpet playing…particularly lead trumpet playing.
    Most players there probably don’t need any extra help, but there might be one or two so please pass this on…you never know how somebody might take to this!
    kurt thompson

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