Blogateers! What up? I am back in less than two months…fear not, I doubt if the condition is chronic. So, what’s happening? What does this title mean? (I’m trying to stretch the suspense a bit so that it will be VERY intriguing as a tweet)

For starters, Lab 2012 is close to being a “wrap” (a borrow from cinema-speak, not necessarily a comment on the musical genre contained therein). I am thrilled by the results, and I think you will be too. The writing is wonderful and the band showed up ready to make some swingin’ history. Release date will be in early August and will be announced on virtually all of our virtual outlets…so stay tuned!

But what is this “Proof Positive” thing about? Ta Da! It refers to the cover art for Lab 2012. As mentioned in January’s installment of The Shed, 2012 will NOT be the end of the world. The newest theory that I’ve heard is two fold:

a. The Mayan calendar is a circle, therefore non-ending: infinite (granted, this could mean we start over again after this year…here’s hoping cave-cats dig jazz…)

b. It is simply a description of events and has no real end date. This was related directly to my lovely daughter, Amber, on a recent trip she made to the ancient land of the Maya, where she and her friend asked an ACTUAL Mayan decedent what up? He spoke of a Mayan measurement of time in an event called a Baktun. (I requested this scientific research aspect of her trip, thus sidetracking an otherwise altruistic and philanthropic religious adventure). Here is the actual (virtually) filmed response:

Therefore, and TO-WIT: this year’s cover art. I submit and hereby posit that said Baktun signifies the beginning of a new Jazz Age. Why not? (this is my blog and I am in charge of reality). An age where jazz is embraced by every city, village, and hamlet in the world. An age where performance halls spring up like mushrooms (non-poisonous) and groups of local jazz artist are given salaries (beyond a living wage) benefits and the pursuit of groovy-ness. Where the Cubs win the World Series!! (ok…now I’ve gone too far)

So, you get it no? Lab 2012 is “Proof Positive” that the world will not end this year, but will just keep swingin’ and getting better (you heard it here first folks). After another world-wide search, we awarded the job of telling this happy story to graphic artist extraordinaire Baran Sarigul of Bournemouth / UK. It took only a quick glance at his work for me to know this was our man. And……drumroll………………… here is what he came up with:

The Front of Lab 2012:

The Back of Lab 2012:

The CD Itself:

There you have it! Proof Positive:

a. The One O’Clock continues to groove, swing, and produce some of the best music in the galaxy.

b. The world will not only not end…but it will get BETTER! (in my reality…and perhaps yours 🙂 )

c. Jazz is alive and well

d. Lab 2012 continues the tradition of VERY hip cover art.

Ain’t life grand?!

Much more to come…


About swiest2

Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver

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    My name is Ronald. Am new here. Am getting a lot of help from this forum.

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